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Spell-QTL - A software suite for the QTL analysis of modern datasets with novel algorithms to compute genotype likelihood for any given breeding design. The name is short for "Species Perscrutandis Enixe Locis Locabuntur", the purpose of the software.
Étiquettes: QTL, MAGIC, bayesian networks, markers, open source

Centile d'activité : 44
Rang d'activité : 24
Date d'enregistrement : 22/07/2013 10:23

ToulBar2 - toulbar2 is a C++ open source cost function network solver, rewriting of ToolBar following the constraint programming paradigm. ToolBar was developped by people in Toulouse and Barcelone, hence the name of the solver. See
Étiquettes: optimisation, graphical models, bayesian networks, decision

Centile d'activité : 93
Rang d'activité : 4
Date d'enregistrement : 10/11/2005 10:52

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